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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reshuffle Day 

Hmmm, what would I recommend?

Chris Carter --> Education
Ruth Dyson --> Health
David Parker --> Social Development
Clayton Cosgrove --> Corrections
Phil Goff --> Economic Development

Pete Hodgson can pick up Conservation from Chris Carter
Maybe David Cunliffe could pick up Environment

If the PM was brave she would move Phil Goff into Finance and put Michael Cullen out to pasture somewhere (say, Trade and Defence), and send Trevor Mallard to the backbenches to think about what he's done. Neither seems especially likely.

I'd like to see big moves up for Cosgrove and Parker, and modest increases for Dyson and Carter.

It Jim Anderton could be bumped back a few places then Cosgrove or Parker could be literally front bench. Goff should be ranked 3, and King 4. Shane Jones deserves something significant to keep him busy and a mid-ranking in the Cabinet.

Now for the odd headline of the day: Lulu and Wilbur: a love that transcends species. Don't worry, it's not what you think. They're 'just good friends', despite Wilbur being from Canterbury.



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