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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Look at it this way 

At least now we will see the All Blacks playing in the Super 14. All that reconditioning and rotation did not make any fundamental difference. We were playing up the jumper rugby and the French were standing off tackling us the whole second half just like you would expect.

I wonder where the game will be in 4 years time as well. The experimental rules could well be in by then and they will revolutionise the game if accounts of matches trialled under them are anything to go by. Much less scrums and much more running with the ball should suit any NZ team well.

A few points...
McCaw had a good game
Carter was not fit, you could see him running at 80%
The forwards played well
Rocokoko had a very good game considering he had no space all night

and yet we still lose because France's defence was excellent, the ref made a couple of key fuckups which cost us points and who knew that kicking the ball away for 40 minutes could keep you in a rugby game ;)

Lest I am mistaken I thought a team scored 3 points from a drop goals. We are ok playing against crap teams, but we need to put the points on the scoreboard first. Wonder tries in the corner only count for 5 points.

A few drop goals might have changed things. If we could have a 20 point lead against the frogs, they would have fallen to pieces

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