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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kiwi Team for Anzac test 

A few people have been making worried comments about how we have picked Inu at fullback on the back of one NRL start. And also several other young relatively inexperienced guys like Rapira, saying they are being rushed in etc etc.

Allow me to remind people that we have beaten Australia several times over the course of our history with teams comprised of approximately ZERO players with NRL experience.

Up until the early 90s we had few players in the NRL and if you were going back to the 70s and earlier we basically never had anybody in the NRL. We would rock up with guys selected from club league in Auckland, Wellington, the West Coast and Christchurch and beat them now and then. In fact we have fucken hammered them a couple of times.

The Aussie team is a bunch of girly blouses with a lot of skill. If you smack them round and don't make many mistakes you beat them. Easier said than done, but now and then it is said and then it is done.

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