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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More great journalism 

TVNZ. Those biased fuckers, known for putting out polls on politics every few months which turn out to be complete horse shit....

Can you spot the obvious flaw in the headline?

NCEA fails to mark exam papers
Feb 14, 2007

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority is in the spotlight again over a blunder in which a group of students' exam papers were returned unmarked.

Nine students at Auckland's Avondale College did not get a mark for their NCEA level 3 history exam. Instead, their papers were returned to them with no notations or grades, but just as they were handed in.
That's right. NCEA stands for "National Certificate of Educational Achievement". It is something that people are awarded. There is not a magical certificate which goes around marking exam papers. It was the NZQA who failed to mark the papers.

But I guess it's easier to make out like the NCEA has more problems by blaming it for,.... well, fucken anything.

Next they will have headlines like "NCEA Causes Weekend Snow Storm", "Bracewell Blames NCEA for poor Blackcap Achievement at World Cup" and "Failed Rotation Policy all the Idea of NCEA: Henry".

You do realise, given past behaviour, it is entirely possible Bracewell could use the NCEA excuse.

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