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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I get high with a little help from my friends 

Earlier in the week we had 20/20's expose on the sinister cannabis drug market operating from a Grey Lynn park bench:
I only came in part-way through 20/20's 'Playground Pushers' story last night, but that was enough to form the impression that it was a fairly alarming piece of work.
It seems some youths have been using a bench at Grey Lynn Park, near the playground, to sell small quantities of marijuana (I guess property prices make tinny houses a bit tricky these days). That's certainly a fair enough story, but some of the gibbering hidden-camera silliness that followed was not.
The treatment was, at times, outrageous. Children around the several youths selling small deals of pot were being used as "cover" intoned reporter Hadyn Jones. An in-studio policeman helpfully observed that prams and dirty nappes were a good place to hide drugs: cue a shot of someone getting something from a pram.

Today we have Jenny Ling from the Central Leader warning of P-laced pot.
Gangs are lacing cannabis with P in a bid to hook youngsters on the class A drug.
Auckland police inspector Jim Wilson says it's a way of introducing people to the "hardcore drug scene".
"People need to realise the whole drug scene is controlled by organised criminals, ie gang members.
"They are unscrupulous and are happy to supply young people with drugs."
Cannabis is a class C drug unless processed as hash or hash oil. It then becomes class B.
Mr Wilson says people might not realise the danger involved in buying what is seen as a softer drug.
"They are dealing with gang members and organised criminals ultimately. Those people are involved in all sorts of serious crime across the board.
"Those gang members will take retribution if drug deals go bad."

Holy shit....gang members taking retribution what next?

It goes on:
"Police have identified the top 10 tinny houses in the area and executed search warrants.
"As a result, people have been charged with offences including cannabis cultivation, possession and dealing."

Thanks Jenny but there's one thing I still don't understand.

If the gangs are lacing pot with P and the pigs pounced on the tinny houses then how come no-on was has was charged with possession of P?

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