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Friday, February 24, 2006

Walking the line 

Watched "Walk the Line" last night, fantastic. If Joaquin Phoenix doesn't win a best actor Oscar for that role, a great injustice will have been done: he owned it. Reese Witherspoon was great too, and even Robert "T1000" Patrick was surprisingly good. Best movie I've seen in a long time, that's for sure.

I did read a review to the effect that this is only an average movie unless you're a big Johnny Cash fan: bollocks, you could know nothing about the man and his music, and still find it fantastic. It's a story about the human condition: universal appeal.

Seeing a real musician like Johnny Cash being portrayed so well did make me reflect a little on the large proportion of contemporary "musicians" who can't read or write music, and rely on pathetic gimmicks like backup dancers. Fuck you, talentless hacks!

No need to be universally positive on this blog, there's always room for griping. On this note: to paraphrase one of the few contemporary musicians I admire, I still don't give a fuck about the "celebrity drug scandal". I see there's another "celebrity" being implicated now by the NZ media ... hey journos - give up, or go and get a job for a celebrity rag like the Woman's Weekly, you're talentless hacks too.

I seem to be the only person who watched the astonishing 'Playground Pushers' story on 20/20 last night:,

It was a highly unethical piece of television.

Note also that Campbell Live had an ex-cop claiming that more NZers smoke P than cannabis now. Two minutes' research would have shown that to be utter nonsense. But they didn't do any research, did they?

I didn't see the story, but read your report/analysis. The notion of the public being (unknowingly?) sold marijuana sprayed with a "fine mist" of meth is worthy of derision I'd have thought. Plus I get the sense there was a distinct lack of "pushing" going on, and plenty of "guilt by association".
Bomber plays at being a radical and into advocacy journalism. The truth is he's neither.

Too old to be a radical, and editing a music magazine doesn't really cut it in the journalistic stakes.

Stakeout is voyeuristic crap and is more about feeding reality TV style ratings than it is about investigative journalism.


one of those hacks demonised above,

Fuck I'm tired.
hang on ... weren't you shot at dawn?
I've watched all 5 oscar nominated actors in their roles. The winner will be Philip Seymour Hoffman just from Heath Ledger. Terrance Howard 3rd. Phoenix 4th. Strathern 5th.

Terrance Howard was in Hustle & Flow. The story of a rap singer wannabe. Sounds crap doesn't it? But it's damn good. I recommend. The song he sings is tops, and up for an oscar.

No, I was shot at BY Dawn. She's a lousy shot.

In other news my cricket team played a 20/20 match and were bowled out for 58 in 11.1 overs. Useless bastards. I could have batted better and I haven't played for 13 years.

However, we bowled them out for 57!!!!

Never seen such terrible batting in my life and the bowling wasn't any good either.

dc_red, 'my' first eleven played our old hunting grounds first eleven last week. We got 340 odd in 50 overs and bowled out our old lot for.... 13. Apparently they only have one team in the whole school and they have a whole stack of juniors in the side.

What a joke the school has become. We were in the top dozen in Auckland soccer, cricket, rugby and netball when we were there. Not that I had much to do with that.

Now we don't even register on the radar.
So your team could probably have declared after about the first two overs and still won the game, then? Disgraceful, we will have to discuss this.
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