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Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday musing 

Xtra MSN's contribution to quality journalism, titled, Guys: 13 things to be scared of.

Who writes this shit and why can't they count?
4. You get home and your front door is open. Run for your life and do not enter on your own. Call the security company, the police, the neighbours, but don't go in by yourself.
5. You get home and there is a police officer waiting for you. This could be innocent, but then again they may either be the bearer of bad tidings or your past may finally have caught up with you.
6. Your dog is growling in the night. Wild barking could be at a passerby or the moon or someone who is outside of your fence. Growling is usually reserved for something which is closer by, unexpected and which has frightened the dog. Call the security company or press the panic button.

Shit if every kiwi pushed the panic alarm everytime their dog growled ... hang of, wtf, I don't have a dog or a panic alarm.

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