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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Whom do we like? 

Not Peter "Bigot" Dunne.
Not Jim "Drug War Warrior" Anderton.
Not Don "Lowest Common Denominator" Brash.

The second of these esteemed gentleman is a worthy holder of the office "Tosser of our Times", joining his esteemed colleague Matt "Regressive" Robinson. People of Wigram, please rid us of this infernal man and his so-called party once and for all, he just doesn't get it that adults are sovereign over their own bodies, and it's no business of the state to incarcerate them for exercising such sovereignty, provided only that they do no harm to the life and liberties of others.

Right, with that rant over, I wonder who we do like? Hard to please, us lot!

For the record the recipients of the infamous honour are as follows:

The BIR Dishonour Roll:

I Murray "Culture War" McCully
II Robert "Pie in the Sky" Milton (Air Canada)
III John "Smarmy Tosser" Tamihere
IV Matt "Regressive" Robson
V Peter "Bigot" Dunne
VI Jim "Drug War Warrior" Anderton

So DC, who do you like then?

We do not like politicians but we do like cricketers.

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