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Monday, August 01, 2005

Telecom, Words Can't Quite Express the Way I Feel About You 

This is the online 'letter' I just wrote to Telecom regarding the fucking shit they have put me through this year (it's the cut down, santised version of what has actually happened and how I actually feel).

To whom it may concern,

Basically I don't have a question [they want you to ask questions in this submit box not tell them how crap they are] just a whole lot of anger! Grrrrrr!

My main peeve is that I am being over charged and can never get through on the phone to sort it out.

But I'll start from the beginning...

I signed up with Telecom at the start of this year thinking that they were a professional company who I would have no problems with but it's been nothing but problems.

Firstly it was with the internet. We were told we could get broadband with xtra and a guy came out to hook us up. He spends two hours fluffing around before 'realising' that we can't get it where we are. Not only that but he also managed to stuff up the connection we did have which I had to fix once I got back home.

Then our Telecom bill arrives and low and behold we are being charged for broadband services we don't get.

Amazingly I actually managed to get hold of a real person on the 123 number and got it sorted out (probably because I went looking for the internet people on the phone).

Flash to next problem.

About 3 months ago I received a call from a telecom representative informing me that our household would be receiving free call minder for 2 or 3 months (I forget which to be honest). So that sounds good. But wait...

Two months later something finally shows up on our bill regarding call minder and us getting credit.

Funny thing is (only I wasn't laughing) instead of our monthly "rental activity" charges being $42.09 (which is the regular 49.09 minus the call minder fee) it reads $56.09.

So not only were we still being charged for call minder we were in fact being CHARGED DOUBLE.

No this got me quite annoyed and confused so I immediately attempted to contact Telecom with the 123 number. After spending the usual couple of minutes waiting for the automated crap to pass by I then get to listen to Dave Dobbyn and Split Enz etc for the umpteenth time this year.

I tried calling several times but alas I can never talk to a real life person.

So I think "stuff this" I'm not paying MORE than I should be so I recalculate my bill, taking off the 7 I was over charged, the 7 I should have received for credit and the 7 I should have got from the month before.

And low and behold the bill arrives today telling me I owe 21 dollars plus a 6 dollar late fee and ordering me to pay today!!!

So once again I dial the trusty 123 number and get through the automated rubbish again only to find that the selections don't work.

So I call back again and sit on hold for over 20 minutes but there's only so much unanswered dial tone that you can listen to without wanting to do something with the phone.

Now I know that whoever is reading this is not responsible for all the crap but somebody is and I want it sorted out.

If I'm not called personally to have the bill expalined and fixed then I'll have no choice but to cancel my Telecom service and go with somebody else.

It's just not fair to be treated this way.

anyway, I look forward to not having to wait too long.



Regarding Bennyasena's comments about the ridiculous reporting on league in the Herald. I can remember a few weeks ago the Rabbitohs (I think) beat somebody but the entire story read that they had lost. This dickwad had ASSUMED the Rabbitohs had lost even though the fucking scorecard was attached at the end of the story showing they had scored about 5 tries to 3 and won the fucking game! If you didn't watch the game or know what happened then DON'T WRITE A FUCKING STORY ON IT FOR THE CONSUMPTION OF TENS OF THOUSANDS!!!!

You useless cunt.


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