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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Stop Passing It.......... the fucking props!!!!!!!!!!!!

To add more to suprememly indepth post: the All Blacks live and die on their handling. It's been crap tonight.
And more:

We should have scored 20 more, but we couldn't catch a thing.

And right now, I'm blessed with having to watch goddamn Manchester United vs Everton, when usually MBC show the main 3pm game, because a friggin' South Korean now warms the MU bench. The game is replayed at 10am tomorrow too. Fuck.
The All Blacks were very dumb and played averagely.

Fortunately for them Aussie were so bad it was amazing.

And Tony Spreadbury is an absolute disgrace to a profession that is already bad enough.

There were two knockons which weren't that would have produced 7 pointers for us. Then the pass to Rokococo was so forward it was ridiculous (only 3 metres+). Cap that off with a 50/50 call on the carter 'try' and we get basically two games played out. One that happened and one that didn't within the same game.

Park Ji-sung actually started for Man U and played OK. Had a great chance to score after a good first chance and did the usual Korean, fall over the ball when shooting thing.
Yeah, Park Ji-Sung was pretty good (and he is a good player), giving good width down the left. Still, when MBC is STILL replaying Manchester United PRESEASON games from China (about the 8th time), I'm going to get heartily sick of him in a very short time.

As for the All Blacks - we were lucky to be playing an average side with lots of key injuries. Our handling was atrocious.

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