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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Six Years of Labour and what do we get???!!! 

Record numbers of women in work and unemployment at 3.7% (the second lowest ratio since they started collecting this way in 1986).

Who's yo daddy Mr Brash?!!!!!!

It's Helen and Michael!!! (my god that's my uncle and aunt)

Women join workforce in record numbers
11.08.05 4.00pm
By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh

A fall in the unemployment rate, bringing it close to a 20-year low, has seen more women join the labour force than ever before, latest Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) figures released today show.

The figures show 60.9 per cent of women of working age are employed in some way, the highest proportion ever recorded.

This compares with 74.8 per cent of men.

Prime Minister Helen Clark said when opening Parliament in February that raising the participation rate by getting more women in work was a Government goal as part of the effort to lift living standards.

SNZ said the unemployment rate fell to 3.7 per cent from 3.9 per cent -- the second lowest ratio since the department began its surveys in 1986.

Economists were somewhat surprised by the ongoing resilience of the labour market.

"The labour market is obviously a bit stronger than we were expecting," said ANZ-National Bank Senior Economist Sean Comber...

Women's Affairs Minister Ruth Dyson welcomed the strong growth in female full-time employment.

"These results point to women playing a greater role in the New Zealand economy.

"Labour's investment in paid parental leave, childcare and quality early childhood education are helping to ensure going to work is a real choice for all New Zealanders -- men and women," Ms Dyson said...

The latest figures have placed New Zealand at number one in the OECD.

I was talking to a female colleague today who has kids and she mentioned how great the financial help has been so that she could study and have the kids looked after so she can graduate and become an earner.

good shit.

Keep New Zealand Cool till after school and after I'm dead.

Vote Labour or Green.

Didn't the unemployment rate drop from 10%-6% when National was in power? So did that mean you voted for National in 1999?

So Yamis didn't most of this large drop in unemployment also occur at the same time that Don Brash was governor of the Reserve Bank?


P.S I certainly won't be voting for Labour or the Greens.
Dinkas, unemployment is but one of many factors I base my vote on. I'm sure you aren't that short sighted.

The country has done much better in my opinion under this Labour government than it ever did under National in the 90s.

That's my opinion based on things I want to see happen.

Labour candidate, Green party.
This large drop in unemployement also happened while I was out of the country (makes about as much sense as claiming it's all about Brash)

So NZ better pay up, or I'm going to come back and you'll see this unemployment rate shoot back up.

My point was you seemed to be praising the Labour party for the fall in unemployment, and therefore that you should vote for Labour/Greens. However, when National was in power, unemployment also fell dramatically as well. Has there been a big difference between the two? I don't think so

I will freely admit that Labour has done a good job in there 6 years of government. I voted for Labour in 2002 as I thought they were doing a good job (I also voted for Labour as I hated Bill English and didn't want for Labour to have to go into coalition with the Greens).I just believe that National could do a better job

Bluebeardnz: But were you governor of the Reserve Bank at the time? The Economist states that "by keeping inflation low and stable, a central bank, in effect, stabilises output and jobs." Surely, Brash as governor of the Reserve Bank, who kept inflation low during his term as governor, also had an effect on unemployment?

Dinkas, you should know better than anybody that I post raggedy arse shit on a whim!

I reckon that if you are in government for 6 whole years and at the end of that unemployment is nearly at it's lowest in 20 years then you must'nt be doing too many things wrong.

Sure it's not all down to them but I was kind of implying (without actually doing it, more acase of thinking it) that Brash, in particular, is always going on about how NZ is going to hell in a pie cart when many trends suggest the opposite.

feel free to take this to the discussion board. nothing happening there but the election thread needs to be kicked into action I think.
How many and what sort of increase has there been in numbers on the sickness benefit? Also, how many useless course are the unemployed being encouraged to enrol in to mask the true numbers of unemployed?


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