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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oh my god, it was Brent Todd 

Named in the "celebrity" drug case.

Oh my God, he's still alive.
But some people were adament he was dead!!! They insisted they knew all about it and said things like "mark my words, I talked to a guy that is famous and he said that it was true and he was really upset" and stuff, like y'know? it's not really him and!!!

Funny thing is he hasn't even been charged and after he denied any real involvement it seems as though he might not get charged and neither will the other joker who you can see on a ** ****** near you on ******** *****'* at *** o'clock.
I had noticed you doing a wee bit of cyber stirring Yamis ...

Mind you .. so did I.

yeah I saw your name there.

You are always the voice of moderation random.

Glad somebody is in this internet world of fundamentalists that I'm a part of!
Oh I can do rabid. Don't worry about that.

But in their case, given the site was run by a bunch of Ashburton teenagers, I thought I'd give them some friendly advice to try and keep them out of trouble. I should have saved my breath.

It was fascinating to see the gossip though. Amazing the shit some people spout.

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