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Friday, August 12, 2005

The new name for LAX: George Orwell International 

All right Kiwi’s its time to lobby Air New Zealand to get you a direct flight to North America that does not involve going to the U.S. Vancouver or Mexico City should be the favoured hubs now that the U.S. has declared that alien travelers in transit through the United States have no rights. None.

Mary Mason a senior lawyer told a judge who is hearing over the Maher Arar case (you know the Canadian guy that the U.S. shipped to Syria to be tortured because he’s brown), that connecting passengers who are inadmissible to the U.S. have no rights under the U.S. constitution.

Fuck the first class lounge; get me to the custom’s house. Transiting passengers can be detained with out cause, denied access to food, water and medicine. Foreign passengers according to Mason only have the right of exemption from gross physical abuse. This basically means that you take enough body shots to the point that your organs shut down. It even gets sweeter, the U.S. justice department claims that even if torture occurs while someone is in custody, they U.S. government can not be sued.

The finger prints, the photographs, the air marshals, the 30 minute no bathroom break after departure were all draconian forms of control. But now these people are saying its okay to abuse foreigners. That’s kicking it up a notch I’m afraid. This is going too far. You know at least the Romans had the goddamn common courtesy to feed foreigners before pitching them to the lions. In such an obese country you wouldn’t think that they would impose forced fasting on detainees.

Seriously Kiwis, don’t put up with this shit. If you’re flying to Europe or Canada, connect through somewhere else. Lobby Air New Zealand for a new North American connection, one with heaps of food, toilets, and free healthcare to fix any wounds you may have endured while in detention.

Good call, we should unleash some "reciprocity" on their asses, just like the Brazillians do.

You're right of course, AirNZ & Qantas should fly NZ-Vancouver & NZ-Mexico for those whose destination is not actually the US.

AirCanada has been marketing Sydney-Vancouver direct for the types of reasons you identify.

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