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Monday, August 01, 2005

League and rumour 

Just found the finals calculator on the NRL website - so many hours are going to be whittled away formulating the Warriors path to the top 8.

I opened my Weakend Herald on Saturday to read the following crap:
Kemp said the team had done nothing different in preparation this week from the past three. While conceding they were gaining self-belief after notching two wins in a row for the second time this year, he said "consistency has been there all year, we've never not been in a game". But now it is not just about being in - they must win all the remaining games to get to the minimum 28 points needed to make the eight.


The Warriors are on 20 points and had five games to go when that was written.

If they had won all their remaining games - 5 x 2 = 10 - it would have given them 30 points plus their bye would give 'em 32 points.

I also read in their sport's briefs on Saturday that the Bulldogs had thrashed Roosters on Friday night and moved into the top 8. Huh?

The Dragons beat the Roosters on Friday. The Bulldogs played the Rabbits on Sunday and lost and are in ninth place.

League fans deserve better from the country's main paper.

Also there's a growing rumour that former league player and celebrity treasure island star Brent Todd has topped himself?

These guys ,who have no qualms about breaking name suppression, (ah the bulletproofness of yoof) reckon he has, but I can't find anything about it in the mainstream media.

Also check out the kiwi blog carnival over at notforsale.

What's even more gay is that they could lose another game from their next four and still make the 8.

Quite frankly though they won't win 3 from 4 so that should all be a moot point.
The Todd rumour is hanging around, that's for sure...

Seriously though, the Hutchence suicide took 72 hours to reach the MSM, so it may be too early to tell.
And another thing; looks like he hasn't taken the recent speculation / troubles on the chin....
If he was dead though it would be on the news surely?

They wouldn't say it was suicide, just that he has been found dead.

There are people in the media who would know about it through connections and they couldn't have just idly carried on their day to day work without a reaction.
There have been reactions though Yamis.

I don't know, if they knew the butch surfy ex-wife hadn't been contacted they may have bitten their collective tongue.
How could it take 3 days to contact somebody?

Where would you have to be?


Inner-outer-eastern-upper Mongolia?

I hope it's not true cos that would be stupid like all suicide is. Although in Korea it is very, very common for adult men to take their lives after being embroiled in corruption scadals.

When I say common I mean pretty much a weekly phenomenon.
Well it depends which rumour you listen to. The majority seem to say it's happened in the last 24 hours.

I don't know; perhaps it's taken off because it's so believable!!
I'm sceptical and think that maybe somebody has made it up as a way of naming him for something else without naming him for something else if you know what I am saying.
I'd put it more down to Wishful Thinking.

The poeple who have heard this rumour will have definitely heard the one that is true; the one about the fact that he is being .... argh . ..
Quick! anonymous has been shot as he was trying to say something really controversial!!! somebody call a steamroller!
heard the BT rumour on Saturday. My understanding is a few newsrooms had heard it by then as well but had been unable to confirm it.

If it had happened I suspect we'd know all about it by now.
Nothing like some unsubstantiated gossip to get you fullas/fulleses commenting on posts.
Seems my/some of our suspicions are right.

Stories like this don't hide too well.
You can't leave it that Yamis!!!
I just noticed PandaSport is down, when I went over there to look for the goss. Could there be a connection here?

Another victim of the War on Drugs?
Pandasport’s just going through another ritualised transition / upgrade process. Should be up and running again by the time the drug case goes to trial.

There may be a correlation between this and the increased number of hits on your site. Everyone must be gayboing out.
60-300 unique vistors a day in the last few weeks.


To explain what I mean't above to anonymous (you guys need names!!) I doubt very, very much that the rumours are true.

If it was it would have leaked out.

I mean where are the details? Where did he do it? Who found him? How did he do it? Why hasn't it been released?

I think there's a reason we don't know these things...
He tried, but was unsuccessful.

Good source, nzer.
Source? What source?

What's your source?

I'm all sourced out!
My source is SKY, and they wouldn't lie, would they?

Anyway, I'm assuming he's dead until his face turns up again in someWoman's Day / Fantasy Island / random court case to prove otherwise.

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