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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Celebrity Scuttlebutt 20: Informed Political Diatribe 0 

The above scores refer to the number of comments generated by a couple of recent posts: one containing juicy unsubstantiated drug-related celebrity gossip, the other a more thoughtful piece on matters of politics, policing and criminal law. Hell, we even entered the latter in the Kiwi Blog Carnival. OK, readers and commentators, you win for now. For the thousands of people out there googling away in order to discover the identity of Byron Kelleher's girlfriend, and whether she is in fact coming to a TV screen near you, the relevant gossip is here. If you want pictures of the lovely Ms. Lei find them yourselves!

Lets just make up random shit about famous people.

The amount of people that come across our site looking for naked pictures of league players girlfriends or things far, far worse is ridiculous.

We may as well turn it into a porn site and be done with it.

One searcher was looking for a "comfortable gimp suit" a while back.

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