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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Nonu to switch codes? 

According to the Sydney Morning Herald...

Nonu eager to swap codes
July 30, 2005
Dumped All Black Ma'a Nonu, 23, wants to play in the NRL after missing out on New Zealand's Tri Nations rugby union squad.

The barnstorming, 1.83-metre, 99-kilogram utility back has already received "tempting offers" from NRL clubs, according to his manager, Dunedin lawyer Warren Alcock.

Nonu is in the final year of his contract with the Wellington and New Zealand rugby unions.

I guess it wouldn't be that surprising after his recent snubbing in favour of Conrad Smith and Tana Umaga (they aren't going to drop the captain).

One thing he will need to improve on is his defence if he does make the switch. hell even if he doesn't I think it's one of the main things holding him back from higher honours. He's got to be one of the worst midfield defenders in the country at the top level. I don't really watch defenders during games but the number of times players go straight through the middle of a backline that he is in the centre of is a bit disconcerting.


In other news, my wife and I have a young Korean boy staying with us at the moment and so he knocks on the bedroom door at the ridiculous time of 8:45 this morning saying he's hungry. Guess who has to make him breakfast? But anyway, I turned on the TV expecting to see kids shows everywhere (it's been years since I've got up that early in the weekend) and I find every chanel except TV 2 is playing all manner of absolute horse shit. TV 3 have infomercials from 9am to 10:30. What the fuck is that about?! Give yourselves an uppercut you pricks.

Anyway, today I wanted to go watch the Gallagher Shield final at Eden Park between Waitakare City (formerly known as Te Atatu) who are in their first ever final against Ponsonby who basically own the title. Ponsonby should win reasonably comfortably. But my wife says no.

We have free tickets (how do I scam these things?!) to the New Zealand Knights game tonight against the Queensland Roar and two games in a day is apparently illegal in this household.


And with the league this weekend.

The Roosters have all but had their playoff hopes extinguished after a 44-6 flogging by the Dragons at Win Stadium last night (which set a ground record of 19,512, 580 more than the previous record with the article linked to suggesting it was because everybody wanted to see the Roosters.... lose).

The Roosters would need to win four out of five to have a chance and on current form that just isn't going to happen. They are playing the Panthers, Sharks, Rabbits, Broncos and Bulldogs. And even if they do win four from five they may well dip out on points for and against if they tied with the Warriors who are 64 points better off than the Roosters.

With their win the Dragons have all but booked their playoff spot. They are guaranteed 28 points now and have a positive points differential of 94. They would have to lose every game from here on in and by an average of about 15-20 points a game. That ain't going to happen (although they are the Dragons...).

So that's the Broncos, Eels and Dragons assured of top 8 spots.


Sea Eagles

left fighting for the other five spots.

If the Warriors lose they will be on tenterhooks. The other sides can still afford one or two losses in teh next two weeks.


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