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Monday, July 04, 2005

Need for Speed 

One observation I've made quite a few times in Vancouver over the last few weeks ... speed limits are largely seen as suggestions, outside of the 30kph school and playground zones. Traffic routinely moves at 70-80kph down what we in New Zealand call "main roads", despite the 50 or 60kph posted limits. Couldn't help but think this would be a bloody useful approach when travelling through shit towns on New Zealand's so-called State Highway system, where one is reduced to 50kph for what seems like hours on end. So long Oamaru! On the Canadian highways, I've been sitting at around 120kph, which seemed to be about the median speed, again 20kph above the limit. No fucking speed cameras and no heavy policing means you can just go with the flow. It's quite liberating, and as Ms_Red pointed out upon my jumping behind the wheel here and trying to navigate my way to a reasonably distant location, perhaps I'd be better off paying more attention to the signs and less to the speedometer. Which one can do here. But woe betide anyone who slips through Timaru at a reckless 62kph.


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