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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Lions really are shit 

Went out boozing tonight and saw the game up close and personal.

The Lions sat back and watched Auckland A.5 take on their B team and thats how it played out.

I predicted the Lions to win by 12 but the Aucks managed to string a few more plays than I thought they would together and the Lions just basically did jack shit and so they came away with the win.

Pat Lam is the dumbest fuck in world history if he can't get that side into this years NPC semis and I'll persobnally torch his house if he can't because they have way more talent than any other side bar Canterbury but look like crap because they play with no fucking brains.

That was what I said before and that;s what I say after.

Anyway, maybe when I am less drunk and can spell better I'll write about the bar scene but I doubt it cos there was none.

The Barmy Army HQ was less than half full when we left 2 hours after fulltime and even walking around other water front bars and Queen Street you would have been hard pressed finding much action.


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