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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ho hum 

Another Warriors season down the crapper. A whacky round as usual with the bottom 3 teams winning and 5 of the bottom 6 teams winning.

Tightens up the table even more.

Updated Predictions (brackets equals actual points while left column figure equals my guesstimate for their final point total):

40 Broncos (30)
38 Eels (26)
36 Cowboys (22)
34 Sharks (22)
32 Roosters (20)
32 Storm (22)
32 Sea Eagles (22)
29 Bulldogs (19)

28 Dragons (20)
26 Raiders (20)
24 Warriors (16)
24 Panthers (14)
24 Tigers (20)
13 Rabbitohs (11)
8 Knights (8)

Warriors to miss the playoffs by the ridiculous margin of 5 points I'm guessing. They are 4 points out of the top eight and they would need not only the Bulldogs to fuck up but also the Dragons, Raiders and Tigers to do the same. And that's assuming the Warriors beat five out of seven from the Roosters, Raiders, Panthers, Eels, Storm, Knights, and Sea Eagles before their bye two points.

I'm picking them to lose next week which kills them and the fans. Then they beat the Raiders in front of a paltry home crowd followed by a tight loss to the Panthers away, a big loss to the Eels at home, a big loss to the Storm away, a win over the Knights at home in front of 23 people and a dog, a 10 point loss away to the desperate Sea Eagles, and a narrow victory over the bye in a mistake ridden performance to close another mediocre, no sorry, fucking shit season.

Stay tuned for my list of who I would sack and who I would keep from the current squad possibly this week but most likely next week.


Oh, and the Lions were so bad it's not worth mentioning it yet again.

Their expectations of themselves were so low by the end it was shameful.

yo Lions,, were shit bro, I cant wait for da Warriers to get really good bro

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