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Monday, July 11, 2005

Back in Black 

Just back from my North American meanderings, taking in British Columbia and Texas (or, at least, small parts thereof). Texas was interesting to say the least ... Fort Worth being a classic "donut city" in the sense that there's no one in the downtown after about 5.30pm.

By that time everyone's deserted the city for the suburbs, leaving a great "hole" in the centre. There were essentially no shops, for example, just towering glass skyscrapers, and a small bar/restaurant district. Which was kinda fun, what with the warm-to-hot evening weather, and America's propensity for "carding" (requesting ID) from balding 30-something men.

One of the funnier things over the first couple of evenings were small groups of us being (a) the only pedestrians and (b) stopping at intersections and even waiting for cross signals in the complete and total absence of traffic. Crazy, downtown Oamaru is busier than downtown Fort Worth after hours.

Oh yes and you can drink a *lot* of American beer without getting in the slightest bit pissed (just a bit poorer). AirNZ on the way back was pretty crap, what with a nice 90 minutes sitting on the LAX runway, but hey, I missed the rugby hoopla back here, so I'm happy.

Other cultural experiences including going to "the world's largest honkey tonk" (Texas) and "the world's shittiest recycling depot" (BC) complete with all the drunks and weirdos cashing in their empties, including one memorable woman in an old rustbucket car with a screwdriver in the ignition.

p.s. anyone else notice that one of the lovely ladies in Yamis' post below is named Miss BBQ Olive. Saucy!


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