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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Alcohol Strikes Back 

starring Yamis.

Got a nice hangover today but doesn't quite compare to the ones I used to get when my liver actually functioned.

Oh well there goes the work on the house I had planned.

Instead I'll just wallow in self pity for the next 7 hours until the finale of LOST screens.

Anybody been watching it?

Also has anybody been watching The Contender? It's been bloody entertaining even if some of them are complete dickwads.

Have you gone back and read what you posted on a certain other forum last night yet????
Yep. Like the show. As you say, good entertainment. Also some nice editing of the boxing scenes. looking forward to some nice fighting as it comes to the crunch. I especially like the real consequences. As professional boxers their ass is on the line career wise.

Having said that, it's still kind of hokey but the yanks lap up that stuff.

-Polar Bob
yeah anonymous I know full well what I wrote at that "other forum".

Bloody good stuff!!!

Those fuckers sure can find something to complain about out of fucking anything.


I'll call a spade a spade and a dickwad a dickwad.
Polar Bob, have you noticed how you can work out who wins before the fight starts?

I worked it out by about the 3rd fight and have got the following 5 or 6 fights right even when it's been an 'upset' I've still called it.

You can work it out by the buildups when the fighters talk about how they felt before the fight.

The winner is usually shown sat down in the gym in nice clothes while the loser is doing a voice over while they show shots of him in the dressing room.

Not something most people would spot but I'm surprised that they haven't had people pointing it out to them so they could change their editing because as each week goes by more and more people will be cottoning on.
I thought it was funny what you wrote elsewhere. Pissed rants are always the best ones.

You may have to explain what a gaybo is though. We're all too old over there to understand.

Rgds, seemoan
Gaybo is one of those stupid words that came out of high school.

Basically somebody who is a retard dickwad.

right, fight for life time.
Spotted it from the first show Yamis. Stallone's involved so it has a familiar feel to it week by week. Although I do notice that he has tweaked a few things to wring out a bit more. The contenders getting a slap on the back and an encouraging word from him on the way out. Longer exit monologues.

My favourite parts are when people who obviously haven't seen a boxing match before tag along - because it's a TV thing - a look on aghast as two people smack the shit out of each other.

Favourtie moment? Bonsante v Cooper and the trainer winding up Bonsante with the "look at your kids man. They're depending on you. You gotta go out there and finish it" routine. The look on his face was wicked. Mad unit went out and ripped Cooper apart.


-Polar Bob
The best fight i think was the very first one and he's still favourites in my book.

But I liked Smith kicking the Latino fuckwits arse and sending him packing.

Speaking of Smith, he has a short memory getting all pissy with Bonsante for duping his team. Smith was supposed to fight one week earlier but pussied out and left two other guys to fight with no fore-warning and when they weren't prepared properly.

But he has conveniently forgotten that and so has has team.

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