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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Results, reviews and rugby league 

It's official parents can once again relax and let their kids play at Michael Jackson's place.

In other news the Warriors are looking good for a finals place with some of the current top 8 teams: Raiders/Sharks and dare I say it Eagles starting to look a little shaky.

Heading down to Waikato Stadium this Saturday for a key match for the Warriors against the Eels - go the Warriors.

NZ Herald league reporter Peter Jessup's tips for Round 14 were:

Tigers vs Sharks: Tigers 1/1
Raiders vs Broncos: Raiders 1/2
Rabbits vs Eagles: Eagles 1/3
Knights vs Eels: Eels 2/4
Warriors vs Storm: Warriors 3/5
Dragons vs Cowboys: Dragons 4/6.

Bennyasena collected 3/6 so Jessup sits on 50/89 Bennyasena 48/89.

I'm tipping NSW for tommorrow night's State of Origin II which looks set for some brawls - thank god.

I was reading some wanker pansy columnist over in Aussie who was criticising the Footy Show's presenters for reliving some of their State of Origin fight highlights in the build up to the first game -"there's no place for thuggish violence and this kind of machoism in State of Origin football," he wrote.....

Yeah right, fuck off back to your latte.

Having spent seven days in Australia recently I now feel qualified to list some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in New Zealand.

Brisbane - superior weather
Brisbane - inferior coffee
Brisbane - superior rugby league newspaper coverage (up to a dozen articles a day)
Brisbane - superior public transport
Brisbane/Australia generally - inferior beer
Brisbane - can still buy avocados
Brisbane - Inferior newspaper coverage generally - The number of stories I read about fat people losing weight and animals that recovered against all odds....

Manukau - bigger girls
Manukau - in the mall they sell taro curry
Origin is a great spectacle for three reasons: huge hit-ups, bone-cruncing tackles, and fights. Some of the fights are for show (handbags at five yards), and some are for real, but it's all effing great. There's plenty of room for both machoism and thuggish violence in my game.
I don't mind if Queensland lose the game so long as they win the brawl. The fights in Manukau should not be underrated either.
Turned out to be the usual good game though the end was an anticlimax with NSW basically having it sewn up with 20 left.

What surprised me was how there wasn't a single big tackle or punch in the entire game.

It's definately noticeable that there are no real hardmen in either side with the exception of Carl Webb who was out injured early on.

Shame Adrian Morley or Monty Betham aren't from either state. Especially Monty because then we wouldn't have him in the warriors.

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