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Monday, June 13, 2005

Oh the humanity/hilarity 

Scenario 1: Dunedin Airport, 6.20am on a frosty Wednesday, a light frost has settled. Just before scheduled 6.50am departure an eerie voice is heard: "Attention passengers, due to ice on the runway, planes are unable to depart. We will have to wait for the sun to come up and hope the increased temperature melts the ice." The sun is not due to rise until 8.05am. Delayed passengers are left to ponder how airports in cold places around the world manage ... you know, with salt trucks and all. And it's not like frost is unheard of in these parts.

Scenario 2: EnergyAustralia Stadium, a lonely Knights fan - watching his team rapidly becoming the worst in the competition in two decades, and in the process of receiving the equal-heaviest defeat in its history - has a beer and takes matters into his own hands seeking to stop Parammatta scoring a try. Parramatta players reported hearing the man say, "don't arrest me - someone's got to make a tackle" as he was led away. Priceless.


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