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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

NZ Herald's New Poll 

The New Zealand Herald today launched a new interactive poll - the question is can you vomit and read at the same time?

its the same old game, people getting sick of a government that has been in power for too long. its the problem with having two main parties that are so sodding similar IMO. I say vote for the extremists, we need a government with both nationalist nutters and commie crackpots, it might even lead to a bit of violence in the chamber and then everybody wins.
I'm going to be voting for the Greens like last time. They tend to be closest to my general values in life though not always mind you.

I 'support' Labour but get sick of one stupid PR disaster after another.

But god help us if we end up with National running the country. That would be hilariously bad.

And if Winston has too much power it could be an interesting 3 years as whoever he links up with spontaneously combusts inside 2.

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