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Friday, June 17, 2005

NRL Round 15 


Sharks versus Roosters - Bennyasena Roosters New Zealand Herald league reporter Peter Jessup Sharks.


Broncos vs Tigers - both Broncos

Eels versus Warriors - Bennyasena the mighty Warriors Jessup the slippery Eels.

One thing that pisses me off about league writers or perhaps headline writers in league - every time the Knights lose it is referred to as a Knightmare, if we play the Eels they're slippery - the Storm "is brewing" when they play. Enough of the lame puns already.

Storm vs Panthers - both Storm.

Rabbits vs Dragons - both Rabbits believe it or not.
Bulldogs vs Raiders - both Bulldogs.
Eagles vs Knights - both Eagles.

One of my top 5 NZ Blogs,Keep it up guys.Always entertaining and Long Live Dave Dobbyn.

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