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Friday, June 24, 2005

Live Punga Trees 

Three for 10 dollars.

That appears to be the going rate on as at 9:55am, Friday the 24th. Which just happens to also be a day when I have two assignments due. Luckily for me and of no concern to you I have finished both of them, though one was a shite effort considering it's worth 60% of the years mark. Nevermind.

I was looking through trademe to see how much Nikau's are going for and it's the same freakin handful of traders selling them each time and for crap money as well. There's one guy trying to sell three fairly mature ones for several hundred bucks. He's been trying to get rid of them for ages now. Another "professional horticulturist" has been selling the same shitty three (think he just uses the same photo) for months.

My computer is starting to sound like a lawn mower.

That's OK though, it will drown out the fridge motor, which is drowning out the sound of my dripping gutter onto my soon to be ripped up deck.

Predictions for the weekend. Well I'll go for the Warriors in a tight one over the Broncos. I have the freebie tickets available to me but have to toss up whether or not I'll spend the day preparing a presentation for early next week which I HAVE to pass to get through the paper. I think I'll go watch the Warriors. After all, it is their big ten year thing and I was sitting there in the main stand when it all began and we were nearly blown away by a door which exploded 50 metres off a car in the centre of the field. If it wasn't for that dumb bastard that let 5 replacements on the field in a game we had won v the Magpies we would have made the playoffs in the first freakin year and could have been away laughing.

Not really sure about the ABs v Lions. We are prone to getting a bit nervy in the days and hours leading up to big tests despite talking ourselves up for weeks, and often for good reason. The All Blacks have often failed to perform in big games when expectations are high. But let's be honest. Our record v the Lions is awesome and it's for obvious reasons. Firstly we always play them at home and secondly it is a put-together-team that we are up against. Woodward is showing a clear English bias which can only mean he isn't picking the very best side and can only be good for the ABs. Whether we win or not is another question but if we can get half the ball, half the field position and quick ball I think we should win by 10 points plus.

In my opinion it will depend on who can jump out to an early lead. Especially one of about 10 points. The Lions ill defend very well so we are going to need our looseforwards and Mealamu to punch holes and our backs to rip them to shreds early on. if we can rattle in a couple of early tries their arse could fall out. If it stays tight for a long period then it could come down to who pops over a couple of second half kicks.

And what's with us saying the weather will suit the Lions cos it's going to be so cold and crap?

I mean isn't the game being played in New Zealand?

We do get weather like this don't we?

It does snow in New Zealand doesn't it?

We do get howling freezing winds don't we?

It is often close to our below freezing down south isn't it?


I've been to ol' blighty and the weather may not be flash but having worked for 6 weeks in the great London outdoors over May and June with one day of rain I'd say they know what sun is. I was watching the spectators sweat their arse off at Wimbledon last night with our words about how the test weather might be more up the Lions alley ringing in my ears and thought we can be a bit gay at times.

Anyway, ABs by 10 with the Lions getting the last points of the game.


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