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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Faster, safer, wealthier, healthier 

Wow, holy shit here I was all muddled up about who I am going to give my vote to this year when I heard a decent sounding man by the name of Don Brash speaking on the radio this morning - leader of the National Party apparently.

Under a National Government not only will hard working young Kiwis like myself get a tax cut - that I can then funnel through to my student loan - but also our roading/transport systems are going to be upgraded and revamped which means no more rush-hour traffic for me.

Under a National Government that means getting home to watch the Simpsons at 5 will become more than just a dream, it will become reality.

Even more money than the present Government has allocated is to be spent on health and this can only be good for all New Zealanders.

The defence forces will also be adequately resourced (at last) which means we can all sleep easier at night knowing that the Axis of Evil is being held at bay.

Ditto the police.

They'll receive every extra resource they could ever have dreamt of and this means my car stereo will be safer at night.

Sure he was a little short on specifics but Don also promised that biosecurity will be enhanced which means no more pesky hoax letter writers.

What's more if you give National your vote New Zealand is almost guranteed a a free trade deal with the United States.

Unfortunately, Don admitted there was one possible downside.

Ahh, the old "promise anything" approach to Opposition ... who wouldn't vote for tax cuts *and* better social services?? Plus military involvement in at least one Gulf-War sized conflict every term ... oops, keep that one under your hat, Don. :D

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