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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Child Labour 

Earlier today I saw a girl of about 5 struggling to put the Western Leader in my mailbox. She dropped it and it kind of fell apart. I then watched with a smile on my face through the window as she tried to reasemble it but to no avail. But never fear, her older sister (aged about 8-9) came to her rescue. All she had to do was put down her three year old sister, tidy up the newspaper and shove it in the box. Then she picks up the three year old in one arm and grabs the pushchair in the other before proceeding onto the next house where the aforementioned 5 year old was headed.

What the?!

Where was mum? Studying for 5th form exams I suppose?

I had the misfortune of being assigned to work for the Western Leader in my year as a journo student - oh god how they accentuate the trivial.

For example they'd happiy fun a story every week on school fairs yet despte hundreds of people turning up at community meetings they wouldn't touch the prostitution law reform debate with a barge pole.

And its supposed to be a community newspaper.

I've heard they tackled the power pylons in Royal Rd story recently though - maybe they've got a new editor?

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