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Friday, June 24, 2005

Avocadoes 3 for a dollar 

I thought the world might like to know about that ... well, at least Dunedinites being offered this most succulent of fruits for $5.80 a piece. Yep, life is pretty cheap here in Vancouver (err, in a good way).

I should keep a tally of such things (prices in Canadian dollars, add about 10% to convert to NZD). For starters, gas (petrol) can still be found for about 90c/l, although it's definitely heading upwards. A new rental car for 9 days is about $240. If you're into Calcium, Multivitamin, Vitamin C tablets, and other supplements to get you through life/winter in one piece, packs of 100 are just a couple of dollars. Cocktails at the bar are $6.

Beer and wine from the retailer are more expensive, but with my avocado-related savings I can live it up large and still have money in my pocket.


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