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Friday, May 13, 2005

Yeah, what they said! 

Well I hate to bump the good work of Bennyasena and dc_red down the page a bit but I got home late after a three hour lecture and popped into a cd shop to buy The Used cd. Apparently Seo taiji (who my wife worships more than me, I know, discraceful huh?!) thinks The Used are musical geniuses so she was hanging out to listen to them.

Anyway, I'm glad dc_red put some of my views on Robson and that absolute fucking bullshit he's trying to get through parliament below. How can those wankers think at night when they try to turn society back into the dark ages that it's struggling to get out of? Drinking age of 20?!, twenty?!, TWENTY?! Jesus christ, may as well make it 50!!

Right, onto my picks for the weekend and some analysis...

I'm on 33 out of 63 so sandwiched in between Bennyasena and Jessup (ooohh baby!).

Dragons v Panthers
This one is real hard to call. The Panthers are the better team and are playing at Illawarra and came off a shitty home loss to a out of form Raiders team BUT the Dragons are the Warriors of Australian teams. In other words they look good on paper and are always touted as being dangerous etc etc but invariably manage to find a way to fuck things up. They've had two good wins which means they must be due to fall over. 50/50 game though. That probably means the final score will be 50 v 50.

Bulldogs v Manly
The Bulldogs are depleted with injury and probably not happy about their standoff looking like he's about to swicth codes. The Sea Eagles have been the real surprise packet of the season and everybody has been waiting for their bubble to burst, including me. This is a crucial game for both sides. The Bulldogs to get their season moving in the right direction and the Sea Eagles to move one step closer to a playoff spot (long way out but it's these games they need to get there). I'll pick the Bulldogs because of venue (It ain't at Brookvale).

Cowboys v Broncos
The Cowboys were absolutely murdered last week by the shit Eels so I'm relying on the bounce back factor plus they are playing in front of 20,000 odd fans and will want a bit of revenge after their opening round loss to the Broncos. But the most important reason why I am backing the Cowboys is because in Graham Lowe's latest article in the herald today he waxes lyrical about how great the Broncos are which means they will lose since Graham Lowe never has any idea what the fuck he is talking about. He always let's emaotion get in the way of sense.

Rabbits v Storm
The Rabbitohs are the biggest joke in professional sport.

Warriors vs Roosters
I scored more free tickets for this game so I'll be there but I have no expectations whatsoever. It's a game the Warriors can win and possibly even should win but they let people down more often than not and they have a horrible home record. And I've been to see them play about 8 times in their history and they've only won twice I think. I'm a curse.

Knights v Tigers
Surely the Knights have to win sometime and I reckon this is the game. I've played in the odd team that has really been weak and lost several games to start the season but eventually you come up against an average sort of team at home and you really target the game as one where you can take it out. The othersides invariably know this and slightly capitulate. I'm picking this to be the case on Sunday.

Raiders v Sharks
Could go either way but the Sharks will probably be a bit relaxed after stealing the two points last week out of their arse and the Raiders had a solid away win and maybe about to get their season back on course after a bit of a wobbly patch.

And just for the hell of it...
Crusaders to beat the Hurricanes
Blues to beat the Waratahs (god know's how)
Highlanders to beat the Chiefs
and who cares about the rest.


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