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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Smell that, honey? It's power. 

Further to my earlier story, the man who would be king (right), and the man who would be ... well, who knows exactly what the Bloc wants ... the man who would be le prince du Québec (left).

Staying on the theme of Canadian politics, the CBC has a great site up about insults traded in the House of Commons during question time, most of them (not altogehter surprisingly) centring around the former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Sheila Copps.

"Pass the tequila, Sheila, lay down and love me again."
– John Crosby, minister for international trade, repeating a line from a song to Liberal Opposition MP Sheila Copps in February 1990.

– What Tory backbencher William Kempling called Sheila Copps in 1991.

"Sheila, that a was a shitty thing to do and confirms you are one bitch."
– Ian McClelland, Reform MP for Edmonton Southwest, to Sheila Copps during a debate in April 1997

Plus there's an election in BC this weekend, after four years of radical neoliberal government (of the late 1980s / early 1990s variety). Would be nice to see them cut down to size - last time, first past the post delivered them a handsome 77-2 victory on the basis of about 40% popular support and almost unbridled power.


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