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Friday, May 13, 2005

Health and rugby league 

The Greens launched its school food saftey campaign this week:
We want our National Administration Guidelines changed, so that only healthy food and drink can be sold in our schools. Schools are a unique setting. Parents entrust their children into schools’ care. Schools need to do more than teach nutrition. They should practice it. All schools should have a policy that ensures all food and drink they sell:
is healthy and nutritious - will promote the health of all children
will help develop healthy eating patterns - will not contribute to obesity

Fair enough too, if schools are willing to all but hire thugs to coerce childrens' parents into paying voluntary school fees then they can damn well take more responsibility in ensuring their kids eat well.

The Greens also had a children's food awards where they named and shamed companies they percieve as promoting crap food and - suprise surprise - McDonald's took out the top award!
‘Pester Power’ AwardWinner - McDonalds: For the company with the most manipulative marketing ploy to seduce children into wanting its products, e.g. collectable toys, contests, catchy jingles, or using sport, music and film heroes to promote unhealthy fatty, sugary, additive-laden or salty food.

It seems not everybody is "lovin' it". Why can't the world's most recognised corporation spell loving?

Recently Green health spokesman Sue Kedley debated the merits of McDonald's food with McD's public relations whore Liam Jeory on Campbell Live.

Kedgley stumbled and tripped over her words throughout the interview and constantly resorted to grabbing her coke bottle prop and was completely outfoxed by Jeory.

He argued that the Green awards made out McD's out to be bad when in fact an organic cheese that had won a "good" award in the Greens food awards had a higher fat content than a McDonald's hamburger.

How did Kedgley respond? Time for some multi-choice.

A) By arguing organic cheese companies don't actively lure kids to their products?
B) By arguing that the other shit that accompanies hamburger's in the uncannily child-friendly happy meals greatly increases the amount of shit they're putting into their system?
C) By grabbing her coke bottle prop?
D) By admitting organic cheese has a higher fat content but that portion sizes (i.e you don't eat a whole organic cheese segment at once) make a mockery of Jeory's comments?

If you hadn't worked out multi-choice by now - the answer, like it always was at school, is C.

Interestingly, frog-blog didn't pick up on the piss poor performance of the minister.

Then the McDonald's spokesman argued something along the lines of this press release on the topic.
Obviously fact checking is not a strong suit of these award organisers when the information is readily available on McDonald's website, its regularly updated nutrition brochures and on the back of 15 million McDonald's traymats.

I would have thought the obvious reply to this would be: who the fuck reads the back of their traymats? Do car companies stick their operating manuels underneath their cars?

Anyways, enough of this onto the league.

NRL Round 10

With the New Zealand Herald's Peter Jessup and Bennyasena both collecting 4/7 last week Jessup sits on 32/63 while Bennyasena has hit 35/63.

Unfortunately management forgot to by the Herald today so I'll have to update with Jessup's picks.

This week we've got:
On Friday
Dragons versus Panthers Bennyasena Panthers

Bulldogs versus Manly Bennyasena Manly
Cowboys versus Broncos (it's going to be great) Bennyasena Cowboys
Rabbits versus Storm Bennyasena Storm

Warriors vs Roosters Bennyasena Warriors
Knights versus Tigers Bennyasena Knights
Raiders versus Sharks Bennyasena Raiders

Man how big are these guys' balls?

Jesuup's picks:

Panthers L
Bulldogs L
Cowboys L
Storm W
Warriors L
Tigers W
Sharks W


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