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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cost of Living in New Zealand Part XVIII 

Went to the movies last night with my wife because we had one of those vouchers you get on the back of your supermarket receipt. Two for the price of one deal.

Anyway, I handed over the voucher and a twenty dollar note and got back a five dollar note a one dollar coin and a fifty cent coin and thought, what the fuck?! just for a second. Then I remembered that in NZ it costs $13.50 for an adult ticket to the movies and that's why I don't go unless I can scam something.

Anyway, we went in to the movie (xXx 2) and were accompanied by... nobody.

That's right ladies and gentlemen. If my wife and I hadn't made a last minute decision to go see a movie it would have played to nobody at all. And judging by the number of people in the building before we went in I'd say you could have filled a small car with their entire audience for the 8:45-9:15 starting sessions.

Surely nothing to do with paying 27 dollars for two people to sit through what often turns out to be dreary shit.

xXx 2 was OK but if I'd forked out full price I would have been fucken miserable sitting through it.

Oh and that prick who reffed the game better not set foot in West Auckland next time he's over hear to ref the Warriors cos somebody might bump into him and give him a right slapping. If the Roosters tacklers had laid on the Warriors any longer they would have been charged with rape.

Unfortunately it's no better at the multiplexes in North America ($12-$14 in Canada if I recall). There is the option of the smaller independent places where you can still catch movies for $5-7, though without the big screens.

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