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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Two topical examples of New Zealand's finest cheapskates ... well, OK, only one of them is topical really, while both relate to our interest in the cost of living in New Zealand. As Ms_Red just put it, "everywhere is designed to, like, totally rip you off and give you the shaft."

1) Stagecoach not wanting to pay its Auckland bus drivers more than they'd get for walking off the street to stack shelves at the Warehouse. And pleading poverty in refusing to meet the union's demands. Sure you're poor. Auckland buses are ridiculously expensive ... $4.20 each way from a relatively central suburb to the city (approx. 30 mins journey - supposedly "four zones") and more if you live out Yamis' way. And that's before a recent price increase. Contrast that with, in Vancouver, $2 (NZD2.20) to explore the entire City or $3 (NZD$3.30) to travel between that City and an adjacent one, and that is for a 90 minute transfer that can be used on the bus system, sky train, and even the ferry. When you're fleecing the public transit user each and every day, how can you not afford $16/hour? Eat shit, cheapstakes.

2) Dunedin retailers, including those that occupy large red and yellow sheds, respectively, failing to heat their premises, such that the poor consumers - in addition to paying up to $5.80 for a single avocado - freeze their arses off, and walk around the stores wearing gloves, hats, coats and scarves etc. One of these fucking stores - the one coloured red - even has the temerity to have a sign up saying that the absence of heating is for "the benefit of the environment" - i.e., to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ahh, well that makes it all right then ... lousy bastards. Surely employers are required to ensure that their *employees*, if no one else, are in an adequately warm environment? I would have thought 18C would be a minimum in this regard. Turn the heat on you fucking cheapskates.


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