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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Vote ACT or die... 

Really, this is crying out for a caption competition:


Not that I have a problem with guns or gun shows ... but nor do I really know of anyone who really wants to ban them, contrary to Rodney's claims.

Really, the tried and true formula for politicians is to pose with (a) babies (b) firefighters and (c) pensioners & veterans of popular wars ... best to stay away from sex toys (Hobbs) and other lethal weapons (Hide). Although Sir Humphrey thinks it's a good idea.

Meanwhile, National appears to be harping on the "childless PM" theme ... maybe their polling is telling them this is something they might gain leverage on ... for now, she has 60%+ support as preferred PM so most people don't seem to care too much. And does anyone really beleive that Judith Collins has her finger on the pulse of contemporary NZ family life?

"Banksie, I suggest you think again about your aspirations to the Act Party."


"This'll be a sure fire way of getting the National Front vote"
Umm. It doesn't seen the most constuctive thing to send out a press release saying Labour is out of touch with families by arranging something on a Saturday. If had been on a Mon-Fri parents would be working - surely that would have been more out-of-touch. If it has been a Sunday, I'm sure she would have made mention of church-goers.

Attention National. Offer some constructive advice on top of the attack/insult. It is now Saturday, insults alone are wearing a bit thin.


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