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Friday, April 01, 2005

Tamihere going loco? 

Despite knowing that several allegations screened by TV3 Duncan Garner against me were wrong TV3 proceeded to run the story.
TV3’s producer, Mr Jennings has rushed to the defence of Mr Garner, despite the fact that he approved the hatchet job. Getting Jennings to rush to the aid of Garner is a bit like watching Hitler defend Goebbels.

John Tamihere is now comparing the reporter, who exposed him for taking a $195,000 payment he had assured the New Zealand public he would not take, to the Nazi propoganda chief.

Pretty pathetic that our elected representatives are invoking memories of WWII to try and score cheap shots against journalists.

I wonder if the Prime Minister is telling Tamihere to shut his mouth?

The 'hatchet job' contained enough truth for your boss to demote you and although the Serious Fraud Office found you not guilty of not paying tax on the 'koha', you still lied and betrayed the public's trust.

Further had their been no doubt over the legalitiy of your actions the SFO would not have investigated in the first place.

And his final two pars illustrate why the man touted as a one-day PM of New Zealand will never live up to his promise:

Garner and his mates at the Waipareira Trust must now know that Rodney Hide will drop them like a hot spud as he has done with his other soul mate, Jim Peron.
Hide stood up in the House and stated unequivocally that ‘Jim Peron is a fine upstanding citizen – he has had dinner at my house and I have had dinner at his house’ I wonder what tricks and treats occurred at these dinners?


Tamihere is more of tosser than I realized ... maybe one too many Lion Reds over Easter. What a dick.
anyone heard the theory that invoking hitler or the nazi's in an argument means that the argument is over and you have lost?

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