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Monday, April 11, 2005

Tamihere going loco III 

Hopefully the last installment in this series. Yesterday morning I finished watching "Life is Beautiful", which for those who know it certainly gets one thinking about the Holocaust. Brilliant movie, by the way. Then I logged on to the web to read that Tamihere is "sick of hearing about the Holocaust" and "being made to feel guilty." Why a New Zealander of Maori and Irish roots should feel guilty for the Holocaust is a bit beyond me (New Zealand did play an important role in fighting the Nazis afterall), but why he would feel "sick of hearing about it" is even more preposterous. What a dick ... like many others, I'm sick of hearing about Tamihere. Few would quibble with the tosser title now, I'd wager. Jordan has an interesting reflection on the debate to date. Helen Clark also let her views be known, and the sentiment expressed in her statement is hard to argue with. Prediction: gone by lunchtime.


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