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Monday, April 04, 2005

Tamihere going loco II 

The tosser's at it again, firing generic insults at his colleagues this time. What a dick (if this was someone from the National Party, I'd have a laugh, but still think he was a dick).

Come on. tamahiere is "keeping it real".... a refreshing honesty in politics. We now know somthing about the stuf the labour leaders are made of.
I wish they would do the same with national.
While I'd like to hear National MPs slander each other a bit, Tamihere is just being a big mouth at the moment. A late charge seems him acquire the tosser crown in my opinion.

If the best he can do is sick allusions to sexual favours and behaving like a spoiled adolescent when discussing senior colleagues (who have at least managed to achieve a few things in Cabinet) then he deserves it in my view.
Goodbye Johnny boy, won't see you back around the Cabinet table for a while. One thing to bag your bench mates, but bag the boss......?

Cheers, wiremu1306
I'm a Labour voter with a theory that years of being patronised is moving large sections of Maori rightward.
It must be hard when "Maori" becomes synonymous with political correctness and with PC causes that are actually anathema to your militaristic culture. You’d want to declare independence to avoid being mothered to death by shawl-wearing MoE types. What better way to do that than to join the Destiny Church? Or say exactly what Tamihere did?
The hurt I saw from many of the anti-Destiny Church protesters in Wellington last year was that of a scorned (self-appointed) parent.
Not sure about that rhesus ... I can almost see the point there, but surely a fair amount of the so-called political correctness is about empowering Maori to make their own decisions in some areas, and to have their views taken seriously in others.

Plus, not thinking for oneself would presumably be a prerequisite for joining Destiny. If you're worried about shawl-wearing educators, then Tamaki is an altogether more fearsome paternalistic prospect.
I agree with rhesus, some (many? all?) liberals like to support maori issues but the reverse is not always true.

As has been recently been seen in the USA people will vote for politicans whose economic policies will personally hurt them if they are strongly dedicated to that parties (percieved) conservative social policies.

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