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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Stacey's Gone...cheers Mick 

Stacey Jones has announced he's leaving the Warriors at the end of the season.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about my future lately,” he said. “I couldn’t say anything about it before because discussions were still going on about my plans to join UTC next year. “Now I’ve agreed to terms I asked the club to bring this announcement forward so I can get on with putting all my efforts into playing my best football for the Warriors. “I love the Warriors and I always will. I’m a life member and I’m really proud of that after being here since the club started in 1995. “Being a Warrior has always been really important to me but there comes a time when you know yourself that you need a change.” Jones said he started the process of requesting a release several months ago. “Right at the start of our off-season I sat down with Mick to talk about my plans,” he said. “It had been on my mind for quite a while to look at finishing up in the NRL at the end of 2005 so I told Mick I would put everything I had into the off-season, play one more year and then I’d like to move on. “I thought it was time for someone else to come in and there are plenty of players here who will step up. “I told Mick I thought my time was up in the NRL and that I wanted to move on to another opportunity and a change of lifestyle. “Asking for a release is always a special case and I really appreciate the help Mick has given me with this and with putting my deal together with UTC.”
Intersting how many times the name Mick appears in these comments isn't it.

Mick has now overseen the departure of Ivan Cleary, Kevin Campion, Ali Lauitititi, Logan Swan, Shontayne Hoppe, Vinnie Anderson, Thomas Leuluai...and now he can add the life and soul of the club Stacey Jones to that list too.

The Warriors players absolutely fucking despise chief executive Mick Watson...I wonder if that's one of the reasons Stacey's leaving?

This sums up my thoughts on Mick.

Can't say I'm disappointed to see Jones go since I've thought he hasn't been producing the goods on the field for years (and still isn't up there with the best) and is hardly likely to suddenly improve massively from next year on. How mahy players are really good then play poorly for 3-6 seasons (depending on how you view it) and then suddenly start playing well again? Fuck all that I've seen.

Mick Watson is a complete prick, no two ways about it. He thinks he's the shiznit and that the club revolves around him. And unfortunately it kina does.

Cleary and Campion went a season too early as the club got caught up in their own success thinking those two wouldn't be up to it a year later.

Lautiti was a big loss who would have been perfect to have in the team this season the way they are going.

Anderson leaving was a disgrace. All down to him going on the Kiwi tour when the coaching staff didn't want him to. Fuck you Kemp on that one. Warriors supporters are Kiwi supporters too.

Hape, Leuluia were no massive losses as i see it and Swann is a funny one. I never really rated him that much at the Warriors but then in his last season with them he was playing excellent football but was already signed up for Warrington? I've heard fans there say that when they've been at games they didn't even notice him on the field he was that shit. Don't know how he's going these days.

Wish Stacy good luck at the French side though. It's important for the game in that country that they do well.

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