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Friday, April 01, 2005

Round 4 

Alrighty then, firstly a quick rap up of last weekend.

Brisbane (40) accounted for the Roosters (22) proving Amos Roberts does not a teameth make.

The Panthers predictably tackled the Dragons and Sharks accounted for the Eels. But then things took a turn for the bizarre, while many would have picked the Cowboys to topple the Warriors not many would have seen Manly (25) accounting for the Storm (18).

Now maybe people will stop bitching about the Warriors Round1 loss to Manly?

The Tigers (37) took out the Dogs (36). And in a hard fought battle the Raiders took care of the Rabbits.

The Herald's Jessup got 3 games right while Bennyasena sneaked 4.

So after 21 games Bennyasena sits on 14 right, Jessup 11. Still we're making the Sydney Morning Herald's expert tippers look decidedly inexpert.

Round 4:

Eels vs Panthers: Jessup and Bennyasena Panthers
Storm vs Broncos: Jessup Storm and Bennyasena Broncos
Coboys vs Knights: Both Cowboys
Raiders vs Dragons: Jessup Dragons Bennyasena Raiders
Warriors vs Rabbits: Both Warriors
Sharks versus Bulldogs: Jessup bulldogs Bennyasena Sharks
Roosters versus Tigers: Both Roosters

However, this is what's going on in the Australian betting scene:

Tab sportsbet punters have plunged on St George Illawarra to topple Canberra when they travel to the nation's capital to play on Saturday night. Despite the Dragons being winless from three games this season, tab spokesman Glenn Munsie said St George Illawarra had been backed "as if the match has already been completed".
"We are holding more for St George Illawarra to win this game alone than we have held on them in their three previous games this season," Munsie said. "To put it into perspective, we are holding $105,000 on the Dragons and just $250 on Canberra."

Interesting considering Canberra is 2 from 2. I'd rather have $250 on the Raiders than 105k on the Dragons.

If I was betting $100 this week I'd chuck $70 on the Warriors at $1.40 and $30 on the Sharks to beat the bulldogs at $2.25.

I'm gunno kick both yo asses...

Eels vs Panthers: panthers
Storm vs Broncos: Storm
Cowboys vs Knights: Cowboys
Raiders vs Dragons: Raiders
Warriors vs Rabbits:Warriors
Sharks versus Bulldogs: bulldogs
Roosters versus Tigers:Roosters
What the hell is up with the Panthers this year?

1 from 4 is crap.
The panthers looked OK and Tony Puleatua was awesome everytime he touched the ball.

But teh Eels were just more enthusiastic and more desperate.

I think home field advantage was the difference.

I'm now 10 correct and 12 incorrect for my picks.

I really do need to put a little more effort into it instead of deciding in one minute late on friday night.
I'm on fire now.

3 from 3 on saturday and they were absolute thrashings.

Storm murdering Brisbane after they had looked hot to screw the roosters last week.

Nikau's motivational speech must have really worked a treat.

Now hitting 13 from 25...
For the record that was Brisbanes worst defeat in their history.

They made no linebreaks versus the twelve made by the storm.

They also only managed to complete 18 of their 38 sets.

There's no way they'll get near the title this year.

I think the Cowboys are looking good for the title this year provided they don't peak too early.
Well today fucked things up just when I thought I'd have a good round. Instead a mere 4 from 7.

Those tigers are on fire at the moment. Beating both last years finalists away from home two weeks in a row. Mind you the bulldogs aren't firing at all and neither are the roosters. Or the panthers for that matter.

The top of the table is going to be a real lottery but you can bet your house on the rabbitohs and knights being the bottom two teams come the end of the final round.

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