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Friday, April 08, 2005

NRL Round 5 

OK here are the matches:

Panthers vs storm: jessup panthers, bennyasena storm
warriors vs tigers: both warriors
Manly vs Dragons: jessup dragons bennyasena manly
Roosters vs Raiders: jessup roosters bennyasena raiders
Eels vs broncos: jessup eels bennyasena broncos
Cowboys vs sharks: jessup sharks bennyasena cowboys
Rabbits vs Knights:Jessup knights bennyasena rabbits

To date bennyasena 18/28 Jessup 14/28

Rush job tonight, if you're looking for a bet back Manly at $2.25 to beat the Dragons $1.60.


Panthers vs storm: panthers (after watching the Eels play inspired football last friday night at home to beat the Panthers I figured the panthers would come out and do the same to the Storm. I was right... for once)
warriors vs tigers: warriors
Manly vs Dragons: manly
Roosters vs Raiders: raiders
Eels vs broncos: eels
Cowboys vs sharks: cowboys
Rabbits vs Knights: rabbits

Jessup must have been doing some hard drugs to come up with those picks this week.
yamis here

jesus fucking christ!!

I thought the teams listed first were playing at home but oh no, I see that they were playing away and both the sea eagles and cowboys got flogged.

The warriors were absolute shit. Ropati is about as good at fullback as as a tree stump with legs. Latu is rubbish as well. Monty Betham should be sold as soon as possible, preferably to another NRL team, that way we will get to play against him and be guaranteed a win.

I'm reminded of that line in Spaceballs the movie by Mel Brooks: "I'm surrounded by assholes". That must be ringing through Steve Prices ears as his team mates manage one fucken ridiculous play after another.

Francis Meli is tits on a bull. The only thing he can do quite well is ruck the ball out from dummy half. I'm afraid though that there are about 5 other things a winger needs to be able to do to be any good.

Clinton Toopi needs to be sold as soon as possible as well.

I can't believe we made the very mediocre Whatuira look like a bloody superstar tonight.

That's now seven games in NZ away from Auckland for 6 losses and a draw.

Good shit LOSERS!

And another thing. If anybody sees a Warriors talent scout... murder them. They let all our best talent sod off to Aussie while we get stuck with a bunch of useless pricks to compliment the few good ones that manage to accidentally slip into the side.

Oh god I hope Betham gets suspended.

Can't wait to see us get hammered by 20 points to the worst form side of the comp next week (the Knights)
I actually went to that game last night and have to endorse your comments entirely Yamis. [that's as a completely objective Bulldogs supporter :)]. The best part of the match was the Tigers' mascot. A top effort on his part. No Warriors mascot or cheerleaders to be seen ... a very poor show.

The crowd was put at 18,000 which I believe is more than what the Warriors have been getting at Ericsson. Not bad for a frigid wet Christchurch night.
That crowd figure will be about triple what the Warriors will get for their next home game if they don't beat the Knights.

Our backs are playing like complete shite this year.

Still could be worse. We could be the Eels. Now down 46-0 after about 45 minutes v Broncos.
I guess in theory it was a Tigers home game, so the 18,000 might have been out in support of that team. And this could explain the absence of any Warriors cheerleaders (not necessarily a bad thing). Indiscretion, is the Tigers mascot a tiger? What did (s)he get up to?

the mascot was getting absolute arseholes from the crowd (definitely a warriors crowd, though God alone knows why). All sorts of shit was being flung at the poor bastard as he lugged around his tiger suit which was getting progressively wetter and heavier as the rain came down. Did our tiger run for shelter, did he fuck! He went and found the loudest, dirtiest section of the crowd, gave them a little dance, and with a nonchalont twist of his tail directed their attention to the scoreboard. For those who didn't get it he did a superb mime of the score, and a decent impression of a Warrior's forward missing a tackle. Sections of the crowd were, by this time, going off their collective nut. Did this faze our Tiger? Not bloody likely. He just cupped a paw to his ear and did a dainty little jig (with a few pelvic thrusts) in front of them.

Then he went off to torment the Warriors bench. Top bloody effort I say!

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