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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

NRL Crowds & stats galore!!!!! 

Interesting (for me anyway) tracking the numbers coming through the gates at NRL games this year as it's now had several years of stability following the whole Super League business and the teams being cut soon after.

Two years ago in 2003 the league recorded it's highest ever season average with 14,632 then last year the figure was topped with an average of 14,836 showing up. Unfortunately last year was the year when the Warriors had a shocking season and they dragged the average down considerably with an average of 10,171. Even their away games weren't a big attraction with just 11,441 showing up on average to watch them play in Aussie.

This year the league average is 17,581 from the 4 completed rounds and it looks well on track to break the record yet again though it should drop gradually over the season and end up somewhere around the 15,000 mark. Once again it looks as though the Warriors won't be helping it much.

Their crowds to date have been 13,682 for the Sea Eagles game, 13,888 for the Cowboys game and 9,751 for the Rabbitohs match. The first two games were the second lowest crowds for those particular rounds while the Rabbitohs figure was the lowest for round 4. Something that must be concerning the Warriors (though nothing has been said yet). Considering the new signings and high expectations you would have thought that they would have got closer to 20,000 for their opening game but it seems as though people have adopted a wait and see attitude.

Anyhow, if they can win more than they lose as the season progresses they should be able to at least get up near the match average and then it will rest on other fans across the ditch to keep turning out.

here be the rest of the team averages to date...

Brisbane 34,104
Bulldogs 26,545
Cowboys 21,743
Roosters 19,763
Sharks 18,308
Penrith 17,708
Wests Tigers 16,965
Newcastle 14,889
Manly 14,751
Canberra 13,725
Parramatta 13,611
Souths 12,950
Warriors 12,440
Melbourne 11,317
St Geo-Illa 9,032

On another statistical note...

Stacy Jones with his bag of 18 points including one try has now moved to 49th position on the leagues top point scorers post 1980 with 553 points. The site I use has only managed to get back to 1980 but it's fair bet that he would be high up there all time as well. He is now equal with Steve Ella who mainly acrued his points through try scoring feats (94 in all) and Jones is just 15 points short of Steve Renouf who bagged 142 tries (4th behind Andrew Ettinghausen, Terry Lamb and Steve Menzies).

In 2005 Jones is second for the season on 48 points, two behind the man with the great last name, Clinton Shitoffski, or Shiftyoureski or something like that. Jones is 54= on the 1980-now list alongside Kevin McGuinness, Willy Carne and Dale Shearer. Jones still has a fair way to go though to peg back the mighty Darryl Halligan who crossed the line 80 times for North Sydney and the Bulldogs!!!!! So he wasn't just a goal kicker folks. Though with 855 from 1078 attempts at 79.31% he sure was no slouch.

That all leads me on to the final stat of top point scorer in the 1980-now period. Jason Taylor is in first spot with 2,107 followed by Halligan on 2,034 then Andrew Jones is at number three with 1,856. Something tells me he won't be adding too many more points to that total. Somebody who will though is Hazem El Magic who now has 1,392 points from 101 tries and 494 goals from 606 attempts at an astonishing success rate of 81.52%. He didn't even take his first goal kick in the NRL until his 4th season in 1999 and even then he only took 12 shots that season and none in the following year as Halligan had the goal kicking duties locked down. Since then he has been banging them over from all over the place and in 2003 had a mind blowing 86% success rate for the season. Last season he alone scored 343 points for the Bulldogs. Most impressive when you see that the Warriors in the same year only managed 427 amongst the entire team. I reckon the 2004 Warriors would probably have beaten him late in the game as he tired and as the ball boys were instructed to swap his kicking tee for a skanky Warriors cheerleaders butt (hey nobodys read this far have they?).


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