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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Isn't it ironic don't you think? 

Commuting home from work yesterday I saw my first real-life Bush/Cheney 2004 presidential campaign bumper sticker.

The driver, I suppose, could be commended for backing a winner but what cracked me up is that it was on the back of a Citroen - class.

Sticking with auto related news BP has just announced its profits in the last quarter have risen 29% to just shy of $5.5 billion.

At New Zealand pumps prices - in urban areas - have remained stagnant at $1.29.5 for unleaded 91 since the beginning of April, in which time the price of international oil has dropped from US$57 a barrel to just above US$53.

Strange then that the Kiwi consumer hasn't seen a decrease in the price at the pump during April - considering it takes about 24 hours for the petrol giants to pass on international oil price increases to their customers.

Oh, maybe that explains the 29% profit increase.

If the Habour Bridge had a cycle lane....

Lack of refining capacity.
Crap of redefining inanity.

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