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Monday, April 11, 2005

Guest Commentary: NZ Beer Review 

From a Canadian friend recently supplied with a selection of New Zealand beers:

Just thought I'd write you my reviews on the beers that you brought over. First the good. The other night after writing an exam I reached into the fridge for a nice cool, crisp Okanagon Spring Pale Ale to quench my thirst. I raised the can and was suprised at how good it tasted (not too suprised now mind you). A few minutes later I looked at the can and realised that it was not Spring Ale at all but the Speight's Old Dark 5 Malt Ale that you had brought along. The cans are surprisingly similar. Awesome brew! I was particularly surprised as I'm not usually that fond of a dark beer. Now the bad. Regarding the other beer that you brought, not the Tui but the other in the gold can [Ed - Export Gold]. I was enjoying it fine enough but as I took the last swallow I noticed something in my mouth. I immediately spit the beer out on to a plate in front of me and observed something that appeared to be the consistency of snot. It was fucking sickening!! It was either some left over grout or the fruit of some fine NZ union hack enjoying a good nose picking during work hours. Anyhow, the point of the story... bring some more Speight's old dark when you next visit, come but kept that other shit in your hemisphere! Same goes for that other beer with the pull off top [Ed - Mac's].


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