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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fuck you I won't do what you tell me 

I simply cannot allow myself to be silenced about this disgraceful affair until justice and fairness prevail. I am not at all comfortable about the position I find myself in, and I am well aware of the dangers involved. However, I simply do not have the capacity to turn away from my now elderly and frail clients cause, when they have suffered such grievous loss and harm from contrived and blatant corruption by officials.

This was the explanation lawyer Rob Moodie offered following his posting on the internet of a classified Army report which showed the army's shoddy workmanship was to blame for the collapse of a bridge on their property which killed beekeeper Kenneth Richards in 1994.

Following the bridge's collapse the Berryman's were prosecuted by Occupational Health and Safety, for not ensuring the safety of an employee, the defence of which cost them their previsouly debt-free farm.

The tale of how the State has mercilessly prosected the Berryman's - all the while as the Army withheld this crucial report - has been furiously covered by Hugh de Lacy for the National Business Review.

Unfortunately earlier this year the NBR website began restricting its content so the best and most in-depth of his coverage cannot be linked to.

This summarises the Butcher Report.

The so-called "Butcher Report" is a 12 page document authored by former army engineer George Butcher. The report says that the use of untreated timber in the construction of the bridge "cannot be supported" and discusses in detail the design and construction of the bridge. A 1997 coroner's report found the Berrymans to be at fault in the tragedy and they subsequently petitioned the court for a new hearing based on the Butcher Report.

The case has cost the Berryman's their health and they now live in a small home in Wanganui.

But how does the media report on the incident? Like this, and this, and this on Radio NZ:

The lawyer for the couple prosecuted after a fatal bridge collapse on their farm could be struck off after a complaint was laid over the release of a suppressed report.....The Defence Force has laid a complaint with the Law Society over Dr Moodie's actions and papers have been filed with the High Court over the case.

Where's the media coverage saying Moodie - who is providing his legal services free of charge -has exposed the Army for lying to the Coroner, and knowingly withholding a report which could have prevented the fucking shit this New Zealand couple have gone through?

Where's the media covergae saying Moodie is the fucking man for sticking up for these people and telling the State to kiss his kaftaned ass?

Well there's this blog - you'll have to scroll down - and the print edition of the NBR....

The senior site thread below has some interesting reaction to the Berryman case:

This issue has the highest hit rate for any page on the site since its introduction. The hit rate ina couple of days is 400+.
I was the one who put the Butcher Report on the 'net.
Web site is ...
There is now a VOTE for compensation of $4.18 Million on the front page just under the intro.
I am "peed off" to put it mildly that there have been a mere 33 for and 3 against. This is a chance for the lounge lizards to help. I spend my waking hours on the Berryman case.
Ted Smith
My web site has now been updated with latest news eg Moodie in court.
This case ain't gonna go away ... ever.

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