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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Carlos going to sign for the Warriors? 

Rumours in the last few days that Carlos Spencer has been looking at an offer from Mr. Watson at Warriors HQ.

I'd doubt very much that he would look at signing with them though it adds a bit more dirt for the mix with the halves situation there. Currently they have Stacy Jones, Lance Hohaia and Jerome Ropati in those possies with rumours that Jones may be getting the dunt to Europe with Anthony Mundine lined up as a possible replacement. They've also got Nathan Fien who can cover those spots if push comes to shove as well.

I don't think Spencer would do well to look at the Warriors offer more than once for these reasons:
1) He would actually have to learn to tackle if he played League.
2) He would get more money if he went to the UK.
3) He would look better playing rugby in the UK since he already knows how to play the game.
4) He could be lazy there and just kick all the time and run once a game.

Meanwhile Andrew Merthens has come out and angrily denied that he is going to sign for the Harlequins next year.

And who is coming here after doing a google search for "lesbin sex groups"? Try 'LESBIAN sex groups' instead mate. And then let me know how you get on. Also what's with guys (I assume) constantly finding their way here after looking for pictures of NRL players girlfriends? The latest ones are Luke Ricketson's and Chris Flannery's. Also somebody was searching for "Brad Fittler fucked". I'm not sure what the hell they were after and they can keep it to themselves as well.


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