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Friday, April 15, 2005

Better late 

than never.

I've had a brutal week with 5 assignments due in the last three days. Don't know how I got them done but I did, and I may even pass some of them. Yeah Right.

A few stats from the NRL heading into round 5.

Last Week attendances:
Penrith 36 Melbourne 16

Cronulla 38 North_Qld 6

St Geo-Illa 32 Manly 6

Wests_Tigers 24 Warriors 6

Brisbane 54 Parramatta 14

Canberra 24 Easts 16 Bruce

Souths 37 Newcastle 12

Season average to date 17,717

That was the biggest crowd at Canberra since the final round of 2003 when they lost to the Roosters in a match which would have seen them take second spot. Instead they lost, then lost at home in week one of the playoffs to the Storm and then lost to the Warriors by a point 17-16 at the Sydney Football Stadium. Ah, those were the days...

Top Point Scorers
62 Clinton Schifcofske Rapists
54 Luke Covell Sprats
50 Stacey Jones Warriors
46 Josh Hannay Cowgirls
44 Preston Campbell Pussy cats
42 Matt Orford rain clouds
42 Joe Williams Bunnies
42 Darren Lockyer Ponies
40 Brett Hodgson Pussies
38 Hazem El Masri Dirty Bastards

Childish huh.

7 Billy Slater (this guy is magic to watch)
6 Rhys Wesser (read above)
and then one million people on 4 tries.

The Warriors have 5 players on 2 tries which I think highlights one of their problems. Right now (and last year) they don't have any try scoring backs. By that I mean somebody who will almost score a try a week.

Clinton Toopi's career tries per year, 1, 11, 18, 17, 3, 2 (this year)
Francis Meli, 2, 11, 6, 23, 10, 0

There are some huge differences there and it can't all be down to the forwards not laying a platform, or the inside backs laying on great plays.

Some of it has to be them having physical problems (losing speed) or not using themselves right.

Right, that's me.


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