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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Why the Warriors lost 

Very simple really. Their first half discipline was shameful.

Steve Price has come from a team which couldn't control their emotions off the field to one which can't control them on the field.

Last week v the Broncos they were very calm and collected and virtually played the perfect game of football v good opposition. Today they played some damn good football but ruined it all with a procession of brain explosions when the Cowboys weren't going anywhere. More on the possible reasons later.

The first loss at home v the Sea Eagles came because they just didn't do the basics well enough but when you tackle pretty well, and make good yards all game with the ball you should come away with a win 9 times out of ten.

They'll be missing a couple of players next week through suspensions and deservedly so. Price must be in the dressing room giving out a few uppercuts as well. Hopefully to Monty Betham who is so often the instigator of disaster for the Warriors. If he can go a game this season without giving away a penalty for lying all over the tackled player for 20 seconds or smacking someone in the head then I'll take up underwater ice hockey as my new pastime.

He pumps his fist in the air like he's the man when he scored our first points. Well really he needs to pump up his brain because he had just given 4 points away at the other end.

Regarding what has happened in our first three weeks I'd say they really need to take a look at how they are approaching their matches. It seems they are getting too wound up for home games where they really want to put out a big performance in front of their long suffering fans but maybe they need to relax a bit and keep their emotions in check and look for a more machine like performance like the one v Brisbane. I'd like to know how they felt going into that game and how they felt coming into this one.

It's once they start stringing together a few home wins that opposition sides will start to come here and capitulate before the siren even sounds for kickoff.

As it stands they have lost several home games on the trot and even the worst team in the comp knows they can come here and play solid football and win.

Which should be interesting given we have the woeful Knights away next week and the crappy Rabbitohs at home the week after.

If they don't pick up at least one win from these two games then the season will be on a slippery slope and of all the teams in the comp the Warriors are the most in need of confidence.

All that said though, the Cowboys should waltz into the top 4 and don't be surprised to see them there on grand final day. Their forwards are slightly better than adequate and their backs are electric. That was where they won today after the Warriors really dominated up front with their forward yards. Well that and our constantly giving them the ball. Also remember the bonus 6 pointers on the siren in both halves plus 4 points from penalties. That accounted for half of their points.

Oh and Byrne had a good game. If he keeps running angles like that he'll turn into a clone of the joker we had a couple of years back from Aussie when we were going real well. Can't remember his bloody name. He also made some good tackles when they looked threatening. Other guys to go well were Price (outstanding) and his propping partner (not going to attempt the name at the moment without checking it). He was also fantastic. Jones was decent and good to see him try a tiny little nudge ahead which he got a penalty from. He obviously gets my posts fed to him by the coaching staff. I tell ya man, those little kicks behind the line work.

Right, off to drink some wine and watch The Grudge. It's a movie about Monty Betham and his feelings towards every opposition player in the NRL I think.

Rabbits at home this week, then Tigers at Christchurch, then Knights at Newcastle.
Prop: Iafeta Paleaaesina (just call him Feka.)
Whoops, getting all fired up and scrambling the draw.

Those are three games begging to be won right there.

Barring cheating refs (and we all know we can't do that) I reckon we'll win all of em.

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