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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Suckling on the public teet 

Deborah Coddington, ACT MP and erstwhile businesswoman, recently flew from Auckland to Wellington at taxpayer expense, despite having accumulated considerable private wealth. "Such actions test the patience of the long-suffering taxpayer," stated DC_Red, local media commentator, "MPs should not draw on public funds in the execution of their public duties in this manner."

Yamis, an Aucklander soon to swear allegiance to the Queen and her loyal successors as part of a supposed job requirement, contacted bloggingitreal to ask: "Does the public know that it is forking out hundreds of dollars in a single day to subsidize the travel of this wealthy woman? I can barely afford to put petrol in my car, and food on my wife's plate, while Deborah Coddington jets around the country without a care in the world."

Bloggingitreal can also err, exclusively, reveal that Deborah Coddington was in the headlines recently when she required taxpayer-funded security to fend off the alleged attentions of another obscenely wealthy individual.

"It's time to stop this woman suckling on the public teet, to the detriment of lowly--paid and highly-taxed New Zealanders," said Bennyasena, Auckland journalist and reserve grade rugby league prop. "If I'm out at a 'function' and some wealthy skank sends unwanted attention my way, I rely on my private initiative and not the nanny state to deal with it."

In other news, ACT MPs are reported to be issuing ever more outrageous press releases, in a vainglorious attempt to raise their profiles before the next General Election, expected in September. However, on current polling they will, to paraphrase Don Brash, be gone by October.

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