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Friday, March 04, 2005

Reefer Madness 

The latest research emerging from Otago University's prominent cannabis researchers suggests heavy cannabis use leads to higher levels of psychosis - such as paranoia - in susceptible individuals.

Professor Fergusson says his research, based on participants in the Christchurch Health and Development Study, indicates that there is a clear increase in psychotic symptoms after the start of regular use, with daily users of cannabis having symptom rates that are 1.5 times more than non-users.

“These findings add to a growing body of evidence from different sources which suggest that heavy use of cannabis may lead to increased risk of psychotic symptoms and illness in susceptible individuals,” he says.

Perhaps if the average cannabis smoker could have a puff legally and not have to worry about having play dress up with Senior Sergeant Solomona and his buddies if they get caught they could relax a little more.

Police staff in the Counties-Manukau district were put under the spotlight after Solomona was found guilty of assaulting 17-year-old Angelo Turner at a South Auckland service station last March.

Judge Davidson strongly condemned what he said were disturbing police practices including photographing a 15-year-old boy wearing a sign that read: "I belong to Senior Sergeant Solomona."

The offending photo was "lost" in internal police mail while Solomona's partner during the assault testified to the court that he saw nothing.

Anway back to the pot.

In an intelligent interview on Breakfast yesterday Professor Fergusson says he advocates a relaxation of the current drug laws.

However, in Indondonesia it seems masterminding the deaths of 200 Aussies and Kiwis is far less a crime than the dubious importation of pot.

For bringing 4kg of leaf and heads into Bali a young Aussie girl faces death - even though the dodgy Indonesian authorities have refused to fingerprint the bags which could have proved her guilt.

I see Howard has begun to diplomatically question the trial and the Indonesian authorities handling of it.

Send in the commandos John - or another Aussie will be left to die at the hands of those corrupt, incompetent, ignorant fucking Indonesian authorities.

Meanwhile the Bakir muppet gets two years.

That's all a fucking disgrace alright. I was watching the aussie morning crap TV this morning and they made mention of the same ridiculous thing.

Either the guy is guilty and should fry or else he's not and should go free. What's with this 2 year bullshit? Did they just throw a dart at a spinning board?

Ah well, they can begin to squirm when there's another deadly bomb blast somewhere which cuts in half a few hundred more innocent folk. Preferably a court room somewhere in the area.
Yeah. Pretty poor in respects to the sentence. Really just a bit of toadying to keep the extremists happy. No government wants a civil uprising.

It must be said that any westerners who haven't had their head up their whatsit know how dodgy indonesia is. Pretty fucking easy. Don't go there.

As to relaxation of cannibas law in NZ. No. People keep looking at the fact it is a mild drug that does littl harm. True. They also look at it as no worse than smoking. Also true. As stated previously (and repetitively by me), it should be illegal to sell cigarettes due to health issues or addiction. Same with dak. What if I sold the most delicious, nutritous food in the world, with added broken glass, which may or may not kill you? Could I sell it?

And how many butts do you see on the ground? Or thrown out of windows? A lack of respect for your surrounding in general. So lets add spliffs around the neighbourhood to that. Or needles. Personal choice right?

Now lets say we should relax the laws. Only for adults of course. In their own home only because in public there are other people who don't want to partake second-hand style.
That's fair. But the kids should be in a different room. We can trust people to do that, ay? Humans are responsible and would never abuse the new legality. And like drinking kids will not light up from an early age. No chance of that. So maybe then it's OK to have them exposed and kill those brain cells early.

Simple as this. It isn't necessary and is of no benefit to society apart from then being able get extra revenue from tax. The world shouldn't always about 24/7 personal choice.

-Polar Bob

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